Trillion Bursary

Celebrating the richness of Canada's First Nations

For five years, Trillion has partnered with Land InSights and the Montreal First Peoples Festival to preserve and promote the artistic and cultural traditions of Canada’s First Nations. Our commitment runs deep, shaping a future where their heritage shines, transcending borders to touch the heart of our society.
Each year, Trillion awards an Indigenous artist in visual arts, carefully chosen by a panel of experts, with a financial grant to support their artistic journey.
We believe that the best way to support these artists is to immerse yourself in their creative world, discovering their works. By doing so, you contribute to the appreciation of their work and the preservation of their rich cultural heritage, which is in constant evolution.
This initiative goes beyond financial support by contributing to the recognition and dissemination of the exceptional talent of the First Nations. In collaboration with Land InSights, we strengthen the cultural bonds between Indigenous communities, fostering intercultural dialogue.