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Renew a commercial lease

When renting an office or an industrial space for your business, it is important to think about the commercial lease and its renewal.

Did you know that it was possible to renew under more advantageous and flexible conditions? With the help of Trillion, your renewal could be to your advantage. Our experienced real estate brokers put their expertise at your disposal and negotiate to obtain a lease that suits you.

Find out how a collaboration with our team is an undeniable asset for renewing your commercial lease.


Our real estate agency is a member of major real estate organizations, such as:

You can therefore thrust our team with the negotiation of your commercial lease and its renewal. We have the knowledge and expertise to carry out a profitable lease negotiation for you.

We offer our services to private and public companies, financial institutions, SMEs and multinationals as well as governmental and para-governmental companies.

To negotiate your commercial lease renewal, trust our team.


If your lease expires in the next few months, contact us. You will greatly increase your chances of having a more flexible lease and more advantageous terms.

Thanks to our work tools and our knowledge of the market, we negotiate in your favor and we demonstrate to your landlord your value as well-informed tenants.

Does your current space need to be redesigned? No problem, our designers design it to be safe and for the surface area to be optimal. In addition, did you know that our representation fees are paid by the landlords when we finally get the office or space that is right for you?

Let us take care of your commercial lease and its renewal. We will get you the best possible deal.

For any questions regarding our service, please contact us. We will be happy to take your call.

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