Negotiating New Leases

We streamline your search to find the perfect space tailored to your needs, allowing you to focus entirely on growing your business. No more tedious searches and negotiations with property owners; we take care of everything for you.

Our 4-Step Process

Our leasing process is straightforward, enjoyable, and successful. Here’s what you can expect:


Assessment of Your Needs:

We start with a comprehensive assessment of your business’s specific requirements, including budget, location, type, size, and the quality of the space needed. We then present you with suitable options and arrange visits to the best proposals.


Customized Requests for Proposals:

We prepare custom Requests for Proposals (RFPs) based on your specific needs. Then, we conduct a financial analysis of the owners’ responses and submit counter-proposals until we meet your objectives. If necessary, we recommend a qualified real estate attorney to review the lease and represent you in legal negotiations.


Coordination and Creation of Your Ideal Space:

Once the lease is secured, we collaborate with architects, designers, and/or contractors to create your ideal space.


Access to Additional Services:

Trillion also facilitates the leasing process by connecting you with additional service providers, such as furniture suppliers, movers, telecommunications experts, and insurance brokers.
In the context of commercial leases, property owners traditionally cover brokerage fees. Our commitment is centered on active representation of your interests, negotiating favorable terms, and delivering top-notch service, all without any brokerage fees for you.

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