First Nations Representation

First Nations

For First Nations, Trillion undertakes a comprehensive mission: advising, safeguarding interests, and ensuring strategic decisions.

We professionally engage in property evaluations, acquisitions, sales, and commercial leases, bringing our expertise to the economic development of communities. Our approach is rooted in a profound understanding of their reality, sharing their values and visions.

Municipalities, Crown Corporations, and governments

On the side of municipalities, Crown corporations, and governments, Trillion positions itself as an accredited consulting expert, operating in commercial leasing, real estate sales, and acquisitions. This pivotal collaboration aligns with reconciliation strategies, strengthening business relations with First Nations. Thus, we contribute to the creation of synergies and the harmonious development of unceded territories.

Proud of our central role, we support efforts to bring peoples closer by facilitating dialogues of mutual respect.

At Trillion, our commitment lies in promoting a fruitful collaboration between First Nations and government bodies, fostering the growth and prosperity of communities.

Trillion Bursary

For five years, Trillion has partnered with Land InSights and the Montreal First Peoples Festival to preserve and promote the artistic and cultural traditions of Canada’s First Nations. Our commitment runs deep, shaping a future where their heritage shines, transcending borders to touch the heart of our society.